Case Studies

Sam, Jake & Alfie the Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Joy says "Thank you so much from three happy Staffies and four VERY happy people"

joy1When I met Joy and David, they were at their wits end. They were committed to move in with their daughter and her partner who had two lovely Staffordshire Bull Terriers. One very steady and calm, Sam and the other a lively young puppy, Alfie. Joy and David's rescue Staffie Jake and Sam were great friends enjoying walks, play and down time so they thought it would be no problem introducing him to Alfie. Unfortunately, Jake had other ideas. He saw Alfie in the arms of their daughter and just launched at him seemingly wanting to kill him. They tried a crate for Alfie, but Jake just launched at it and him very aggressively. Joy and David were very shocked and of course upset that their sweet boy reacted in that way. Moving day was getting closer and closer so there was a lot of pressure to make sure the dogs could live together. Their daughter even considered having to rehome their lovely young pup to help the situation.


I met first with Joy and David teaching them how to get Jake responding immediately to all commands and to walk calmly on a loose lead. I worked on controlling him at a distance and for the first time in his life, he walked without pulling. David and Joy were totally committed and worked extremely hard to get great results and it paid off. The next session was with the other two Staffie's teaching the pup manners  – he was a lively young dog!!


Several more sessions introducing and walking the dogs together and the move to the new house happened. Initially, Jake and Alfie were kept apart by a gate, but they were allowed to interact through the gate under supervision. The day came when I decided they would be fine out in the garden and although precautions were taken, and Alfie the pup had to be shown how to calm down, all went well and the family began to relax. I then started to receive photos of them and the results can be seen.

Joy says "I just didn't know where to turn and now the dogs are lovely together and even being left for a short time when we go out, I don't know what we would have done without you"

Belle & Alfie the Chihuahua's


Belle & Alfie's Story -Kaye and Mark Baillie

When I first met Belle and Alfie, there were some issues with toileting in Kaye and Mark’s bedroom and rather a lot of high pitched barking at any and every noise they heard.  They live in an apartment so there were lots of comings and goings to get them guarding!  Out on walks, they would bark and lunge at dogs and pull like mad. Although they behaved like bossy dominant dogs, they were actually quite timid and nervous and their behaviour was “bravado” not knowing how else to deal with situations.  I showed Kaye and Mark how to provide the safety of pack leadership and how to communicate with them more effectively, I took my dogs and they were shown a better way to greet dogs rather than barking at them!  Very sweet dogs and now with their agility activities, they are having the time of their life.

"After only a couple of sessions with Tina we saw tremendous improvements in both Belle and Alfie. We ditched the extendable leads and now they both walk without pulling and we know how to keep their attention when out and about with other dogs.  We have learnt to deal with the excessive barking and now have it almost under control, although we do accept that Chihuahuas are a vocal breed of dog!  Alfie is gaining confidence all the time and Belle is slowly becoming less dominant by using the simple techniques that Tina has shown us, especially the passive dominance!  The sessions are enjoyable and we learn so much each time.  We want to do the best for our dogs and give them the happiest life we can, Tina has helped us understand their needs and therefore we have been able to provide the things required for 2 happy little dogs."

Murphy the Staffordshire Bull Terrier


Murphy's Story -Helen & Rick Lutman

Helen and Rick used to live in quite an isolated area and as a result, Murphy didn’t get to see many dogs.  They moved to their current house and Murphy had become really naughty! He was hyperactive, jumping up at visitors (not much fun with a hefty Staffy!), pulling so much on the lead that Helen didn’t feel able to walk him, had no recall and was so anxious around other dogs that when one came to say “hello” he bit it and thereafter as responsible owners, he wore a muzzle when out.  His behaviour has changed completely with the training shown to Rick and Helen and with the help of my own dogs, they are  now more confident and are able control and redirect Murphy’s behaviour.

Coco the Jack Russell Cross


Coco's Story -David & Claire Bramham

Coco is a very sweet girl, rehomed from Last Chance Rescue to David and Clare at around 5/6yrs old, they had her for 18 months when they decided they needed help. She was ok off lead with most dogs, but very protective in some situations and had been attacked by dogs on a couple of occasions. She would not come back when off lead if there was something interesting happening elsewhere.  In just four days David and Clare reported an amazing change in Coco’s behaviour, walking nicely on lead and on entering the local pub where she normally pulls like mad to search out the pub cat, she entered calmly, lay down and even ignored a young dog and allowed him to sniff her.  We have continued to work on this progress and she will no doubt overcome all her problems.

“The change in Coco, even in four days is amazing; we’re delighted with Coco’s progress”

Stanley the Rescue Cross


Stanley's Story -Alison & Natalie Broad

Stanley was adopted by mum and daughter from RAIN (Rescue Animals in Need) and was exhibiting some separation anxiety. He also was a problem on lead, especially when other dogs were around, barking and lunging at them aggressively. Also, two chickens and a guinea pig were huge temptations to a natural hunter!  We worked on both Natalie and Alison getting complete focus from Stanley, helping him to understand that they were the ones making decisions, not him!  In no time, with the dedicated work by his owners, he was able to ignore chickens, walk very nicely on a loose lead and was shown that he could walk next to my dogs without getting excited and territorial.

“Hi, my name is Stanley and I’ve been ‘Busted’ by Tina from Bark Busters. She’s the best! My human companions are surprised by how much they’ve learnt as well. My motto is : If in doubt ... call Bark Busters out! It’s working for me”

Jeffy the Cocker Spaniel Cross


Jeffy's Story -Fran Gilpin

At 2.5 years Jeffy is a beautiful dog, but had been causing his owner various problems.  His barking in house and garden caused a neighbour to complain, he pulled on the lead and was becoming somewhat possessive and territorial with other dogs.  He was also selectively deaf with recall! After just the first session Fran reported an immediate change in that she was able to control his barking and off lead in a field, he stopped chasing a cat and came back when called.  Fran was also able to have a 10 minute conversation with a neighbour and her German Shepherd which would have been unheard of just a few weeks before.  We worked with my dogs, to practice being calm and in control and we went for a lovely walk in the local town and sat for a while (see picture) where ladies on the next table commented on how well behaved he was. Fran is now able to enjoy her outings with Jeffy whereas before she’d be pulled along at breakneck speed, and he would bark and play up if he saw dogs.

"Tina has trained me to train my Cocker Spaniel cross Jeffy. His behaviour has improved so much he is like a different dog, happier, calmer and so much less stressful to have around! I cannot recommend Tina highly enough – her methods are simple but effective, and the training is easy to continue once she has gone. Worth every penny."

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